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The Fire House News: 13-year cicada will soon invade Middle Tenn. Get Your Sun or Screen Room Soon !!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

13-year cicada will soon invade Middle Tenn. Get Your Sun or Screen Room Soon !!!

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – It has been more than a decade since Middle Tennessee has dealt with swarms of cicadas.
The last time the 13-year periodical cicada emerged from the ground was in May of 1998.
Come May of this year, most of Middle Tennessee will again see the cicadas, according to Dr. Frank Hale, entomologist at the University of Tennessee Extension.
He said the periodical cicada that will emerge this year is known as Brood XIX.
Various populations are called broods and scientists use Roman numerals to designate which brood they are referring to.
Brood XIX is expected to emerge from the ground in May "and they will come out by the millions," according to Dr. Hale.
He added, "Brood XIX is the biggest brood that we have in Middle Tennessee.  It is encompassing most of Middle Tennessee, even some counties in east Tennessee and probably a few west of here."
The cicadas will start appearing in early May and live for about five to six weeks.


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